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What is it?

The name is nearly self-explanatory. It's a JavaScript-driven menu that's made to look close to what Windows Explorer® does. Released under the BSD license it's OSI Certified Open Source Software which means it can be freely used and modified for both commercial and non-commercial websites.

On the site you should find all the information you'll need to get the menu up & running as well as contributed utilities, links to sites where it's being used and an in-depth look at the code.

Latest news

2003-01-15: The Tree Menu message board has opened. I hope it will become a good community where users can share their knowledge.

2003-01-12: The tree menu project is looking for a Mac-based JavaScript developer. The latest version doesn't work with the newly released Apple-browser for MacOS, and there's also some issues with IE5. If you're keen on participating in a successful open source project for fame & glory drop me an email on "morten AT treemenu DOT com", preferably with some pointers to stuff you've written.

2002-11-10: No new version yet, but development continues as time allows. Those wishing to live on the bleeding edge are advised to find the CVS repository. I've done various minor changes to the web site, like added documentation on submenu behaviour trying to clear up any confusion. There's also a new search script under contributions, replacing the old Find & Display-variants with a more powerful script.

2002-06-10: Version 2.3.2-macfriendly is released! This is a small change from v2.3.2, released to make sure the menu works with Internet Explorer on MacOS. A copy of the ChangeLog (although it doesn't say much) can be found in the news section and updated files are of course available under downloads.

2002-02-19: The web site has gotten a bit of an update. Most noticeably is the new +/- images I'm using, which I got from Alex T. You can download them from contributions if you want to use them yourself. I've also updated the list of sites in use and it now contains quite a number of sites. The FAQ got updated with an entry for submenus that won't open and some of the explanations were rewritten slightly. Lastly I've also created an awards page, even though it only contains one entry so far.

Other pieces of information

The first version of tree menu menu, published in December 1998 was a modification of Mike Hall's tree menu. I've since then added features, re-written most of the code, and changed quite a lot of things. Our menus therefore no longer share much between them. I am still grateful for Mike's work which helped me a lot back then.

If you modify the code to add features and feel those features could help others I would be very happy if I got a copy of it so I could add it either as a separate contribution or directly into the code. You will of course get credit for the work you've done.

All information necessary to get the menu system up & running should be available through the menu on the left. I hope you get the menu to work as easily as I have. Should there be any trouble with setting it up or getting it to work read the FAQ, search the mailing list archive on Yahoo! or ask on the message board.